"To become wealthy, you must release your resistance to money."
"But I don't feel resistant... what exactly should I release?"

"Follow your bliss. It's important to hold on to positive thoughts."
"It's easy to say. :) Sometimes my dark mood just doesn't let me go... what do I do then?"

"Wrong beliefs won't let money come to you."
"Well, how do I dig up those wrong beliefs? How do I change them?"


"10 Nice Mind Tricks To Release Your Resistance To Money:
A Paradigm Shift of Coming Home"

Dear reader,

I'd like to tell you a story, how what we can't even hope for, suddenly finds its way into our lives. Here's a letter that made me cry and smile:

-------- Original Message --------
Date: 24 Apr 2007 12:41

Hi Olga,

this is not so much a testimonial as a summary of the feelings and emotions experienced as I have read your book twice, once yesterday and again this morning.

Before that, to put things a little in perspective, let me give you some background...

- 57 years old
- grew up in post world war II Scotland
- raised in a large family, strict Roman Catholic
- left home at sixteen
- during the infamous 60's I was your typical rebel without a clue!
But, I still love the Rolling Stones!!!

Seriously, and somewhat sad to say, the teaching in school and at church during my informative years was based on negativity. Very much a case of you cannot instead of you can.

Left uninformed, this teaching stays with people for a lifetime unless they are given the guidance and the permission to see their lives and the world in a new light. Your book, Olga, is beginning to give me that permission.

The first time I started to read the book I was not all comfortable as I tried to accept much of what the book discusses as well as deal with almost 60 years of living based on the background mentioned previously. At times, I literally had butterflies in my stomach. Were these butterflies caused by nervousness or excitement? At this point I could not say for sure.

As I started to read the book for the second time, some of those butterflies returned. This time, however, I believe they were caused by the excitement, the realization of what is truly possible.

I use the word "possible" because I still have so much crap I need to dump (pardon the expression).

I can, however, align my thinking and feelings with Mike Dooley's point "Your dreams are here for a purpose. They remind you of what's possible".

This may sound strange but I feel my feelings are beginning to change. I know (see "I know", not "I think") that my family, my friends, myself, everyone deserves so much more. The more I get, the more I can give. The more I can give... Geez the butterflies are back again.

Olga, I could sit here all day 'talking' to you.

I feel I need to continue reading and re-reading your book. I am not much into the term "Law of Attraction" perhaps as it is much overplayed on the forum and elsewhere. I have to say though that I started off genuinely wishing to help you by reading your book and, in doing so, I feel I am on the verge of something truly significant.

Here's to everyone getting rid of their crap.

Be happy, be successful and be kind

Andrew G.

No need to say why I cried reading it.. :)

What are these mind tricks? Insights I used, to move through my own resistance to money (and to anything good in life).

What it will give you:

when you want to feel grateful about the money coming to you right now, but you see you can't – a simple way to overcome the barrier;

what keeps us from feeling good about the good things we've got right now; two ways to overcome it;

when you’re trying to run away from painful thoughts of lack and only come back to them – how to break the vicious circle;

is pain an obstacle? A simple way to turn it into your friend;

when we start applying the Law of Attraction, we often start blaming ourselves for negative thoughts, which usually only makes things worse. A simple way to overcome it;

how the principle used in techniques for giving birth naturally and painlessly, can help you to overcome your fears towards money;

how you can see abundance and think it’s lack;

if pain doesn’t mean you don’t have what you want, what does it mean?;

in many goal achievement techniques you need to have your goal positively outlined. But when you’re imagining yourself having one million dollars, you start having awkward feelings: not everything seems bright and positive. How to clear the picture simply and easily;

how to switch your focus to good things;

a quick exercise to see if you have really claimed your wealth;

visualizing having one million dollars, when you don’t have too much money, is usually about feelings of being safe and secure. An advanced technique, going further;

how to look at your lack experience so that it benefits you in the future;

quick test to see if you’re really ready to get wealthy right now;

two “reasons” of feeling unworthy and how to reverse them;

what procrastination and dealing with “how”s have in common – an unexpected way to speed up moving on with your projects;

why starting a “new life” is so hard to hold on to and two insights that can make it possible for you to move to the “new life” smoother;

a magic phrase to add to your affirmations for them to work more effectively;

and it's just the beginning!

These mind tricks worked wonders for me. I still come back to this book, to use these principles in other areas of my life.

And since I heard how hard the subject of money is for many people, I wanted to share these simple yet powerful tricks.. with you.

When I sat down to write the book, I insisted on only writing while feeling this sweet and empowering connection to the Source (as Abraham-Hicks, from whom "The Secret" started, call it), as I thought if I am in this connection when I'm writing it, then you, the reader, would be in your connection to you, to your Higher Self, when you read it. And so you would get exactly what and when you would need from it.

The result you saw.. :)

So you can try it for yourself now - and if you see it working for you, what can be better?! :)

Click HERE to purchase!

Create a great life! :)

P.S. You'll bask in relief, with these slightly different thoughts, allowing a little bit more, happy a little bit more.

When you do the effort to move your thoughts even just a little bit, give yourself (and money) a little more benefit of the doubt, it immediately improves the quality of your life, and then the money just can't not to come.. And isn't it what we're really looking for?

"Yes! I am allowing the money flow into my life
and I want to have the tools to keep it!
and I want to start getting the relief right NOW!"

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